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Welcoming Flowerbed to our collection with a plethora of colour reel in one beanbag. Just as the landscape of fresh bloom have your eyes trying to grasp the exact colour palette similarly this beanbag is like a flowerbed. Some patches are strong and over powering while others soothen the feel.  This beanbag is a mixed bag which will fit in any light interior space. 

Our main aim is sustainability and zero waste. Therefore we collect all the samples/ swatches prepared by the factories and companies to market their material. We collect these small patches before they are discarded into landfills or burnt off polluting our environment. 

We collect these and prepare long yardage for the beanbags. These are very high quality material which have undergone martindale abrasion tests and Fire tests.

Approx Dia 80 cm || Hidden Zip Closing system on the side | Comes with Beans & an internal Beans Bag making cleaning an easy task.

Cleaning|| Handwash cover with light detergent

Please do not use the internal bean bag as the primary bean bag.

Note: There will be two deliveries for orders outside Delhi for Beanbags

- Patchwork Beanbag Cover and Internal Beans Cover in one courier

- Beans in second courier

For all orders out of Delhi, we will deliver beans and their beanbags individually as beans filled in the beanbag might melt/ compress due to temperature variations during transit. You will receive beans separately.  

Incase you want only the cover or have any questions, please email us at and we will do our best to answer all your questions.