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Floor Cushions

Floor Cushions


We sit to eat,
We sit to work,
We sit to relax,
We sit, sit & sit

 I was pleasantly surprised to read about the multitude of health benefits that floor cushions provide in our daily lives apart from making the space aesthetically pleasing and spacious.

I was looking for compact, easy to move and light piece of seating for my studio space. Something that would be super easy to move around in case I want to have photo shoots  or just a simple inspirational or a reading corner. My search came to an end when I realized that all I need are few floor cushions! They are super adaptable and user friendly. Incase you are not sure if you should go for floor cushions, let me help you by listing down all the advantages that I came across while using them.

  • They work well in multiple spaces. They can be used in TV Rooms, Living Rooms, Corners, Drawing rooms as extra seating, Pooja rooms, Balconies and basically at any nook and corner of any space. They also work well during binge  movie watching marathons or when you want our own quiet time.
  • They are easy to move around. Because of their lightness and ease of mobility, they are super flexible to move around from one space to the other. They can even be stacked on one on top of the other when not in use hence saving lot of space.
  •  These days apartments and rooms are getting smaller in size. Purchasing of bulky furniture makes a space look smaller and heavy. Floor Cushions are your best friends if you want a spacious looking room and want  to avoid cluttering with lot of bulky furniture. More space also means clearer and calmer mind.
  • Floor Cushions can simply change the décor of the entire room with changing of their covers. Easiest way to avoid monotony of seeing the same space every day is change the covers! How easy is that!
  • Floor cushions also are much cheaper as compared to the bulky wooden furniture available in the market. One does not have to invest too much in these which helps you to save ample amount of money for your next big thing.

Also , when you take away the couch and chairs, you force your body to find different ways to engage and relax. You use your joints, muscles and make your body work to get comfortable. Thereby you move more, burn more calories, build stronger muscles and keep your body happy. After all, getting up from the floor takes strength, balance and agility.

It improves your energy! Since you reduce your dependency on chairs and furniture you keep your core revved up. When you don’t outsource your core support to the back of a sofa/ chair cushion, your core gets an easy but effective workout making your back muscles stronger.  And hence reducing back pain and improving your posture. With chair sitting, it is the chair that does all the supporting which does not strengthen the posture.

According to Ayurveda, sitting on floor to eat promotes the right posture for digestion. Chair sitting promotes blood flow to the feet which can hinder blood to circulate back up the body and promotes issues like varicose veins. Just a few floor cushions placed around a low table makes the perfect informal dining room full of charm. It creates fantastic chilled out vibe.

Also, I personally feel sitting on the floor reconnects us with the earthiness of being alive. It is easier to find one's center of gravity without furniture's encumbrances. Some consider practice of grounding believing it calms and centers the mind while energizing the body. That is why meditation is often done on yoga mats/ meditation cushions.

All in all, I have been using floor cushions for few months now and because I was so impressed by their agility that I decided to have my own collection designed.

You can find our floor cushions at

Since my constant effort is to create a multifunctional product making life easier of the end user, I have added few elements which makes it super easy to use.

  • They come with a handle which helps you carry the cushions easily from one place to the other
  • They come with an internal bag of filling. So one can easily wash the covers/ change the covers and refill whenever required.
  • They come with a concealed zip  making the process of changing covers super easy.
  • They can be customized to any size. The ones available with us are 60cm (L)x 60cm (W) x 20cm (H).


If you have any questions ,write to us at :)












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