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Artisanns Nest Logo has been carefully designed keeping in mind our belief system, our values and the reason for establishing Artisanns Nest in the first place. Green colour signifies our love for the planet.

Artisanns Nest was established with the aim to utilize all the discarded new samples and swatches in the best possible ways. All our products are created by patching up small irregular pieces aesthetically which lead to extra working hours of the designers / thread spellers / artisans and tailors. Since we have always believed in fair trade and being ethical, we pay our employees their fair share. We don't follow previously defined labor laws and respect each and every person working with us. It is always a collaborative effort  to bring out the best quality product for consumers. Therefore price of every product includes the hardwork, innumerable hours dedicated to one piece, skill and fair wages of our people. 

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