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Priya Bawa isthe founder and CEO of Artisanns Nest. Since very young she was always fascinated with the textiles and fabric world constantly living in her dreamland of patterns/ prints/ textures and all that could be created out of them. After graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, she got the opportunity to work as an FFE Designer in one of the best Interior Architecture Firms, Aedas, Singapore. She was mostly working on hospitality projects in South East Asia.  Priya's work involved being in constant touch with the suppliers/ vendors of textiles/ furniture/ sanitary ware etc for her projects. Different  vendors always used to pop in to showcase their latest designs and collections as well as take back all the outdated ones. In one such exchange, she happen to ask them what do they do with all these samples which were irregular size and shapes. And the vendor told her that all these are either burnt off or dug in landfills. Shocked and stunned with the outcome, she asked them to give it to her instead of discarding them away.

Soon after that she established Artisanns Nest in Singapore in 2015 with the aim to protect the environment by creating products out of all the preconsumed textile waste thereby minimizing wastage of material and natural resources. Since then Artisanns Nest has rescued more than 1000 kg of preconsumed textile waste and have been creating home decor and lifestyle products since then in Singapore and India.

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