Airaavi is a platform for all kinds of art forms and techniques to be narrated to the people of our country and the world. It aims to include all the folk and tribal art forms coming from every nook and corner of the country, from every sphere of life under one roof. Some art forms are dying because of lack of encouragement and resources to carry on while others have no people to learn and carry on their traditional work. Airaavi is an effort to keep them alive by translating them into products of daily use so that the hidden soon to be extinct art forms/ tribe become part of personality of every home. They don’t loose their identity and existence with the increase in commercialization.

All the products that come under this range are sustainable, All the prints are GOTS Certified, organic cotton and there have been zero wastage. These prints are an effort to create and amalgamate various artforms into together to create Indian Art. 


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