Lore is an effort to bring all the Indian art forms and techniques under one roof. India has one of the richest handloom industries. With our fast paced digital age, our techniques of production are loosing their identity. People are opting for machines which can produce more in terms of quantity and quality. The artisans and weavers are facing a tough time to compete with technology. We are very lucky to have a huge gamut of handlooms being produced in our country by our artisans and it is our duty to keep them alive. However there is no common platform for all of them to be available at the same time. 
Lore is a step forward in bringing all the Indian art forms including the famous ones like Worli to the less popular ones like the Bhils under one roof. Lore is an effort to bring all of these techniques under one platform. We aim to unite them and bring them to the consumers in form of Lifestyle and Home Décor Products.

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