Upcycling & Zero Waste Movement

Upcycling technically means converting old/ discarded materials into something useful and beautiful. In doing so, you reduce the consumption of new raw materials thereby reducing energy usage, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and landfills.

Zero Waste refers to waste management and planning initiatives which focus on waste prevention. It emphasis on restructuring production and distribution systems to reduce waste. 

We support the upcycling and zero waste movement by purchasing all the new unused fabric from factories which soon would find themselves being burnt in incinerators or dug into landfills. The fabric is personally handpicked from all around the world and then carefully patch worked to create beautiful products.

Few points that are kept in mind while selecting the fabrics are:

  • It has to be a new unused fabric
  • It has to pass all international Martindale rub tests and fire tests
  • It has to be heavy duty and highly durable


Every product designed from these fabric pieces is super durable, sustainable and longer lasting. These are handpicked heavy duty fabrics which have undergone quality tests. 

We are trying to contribute to the environment through our skills, techniques and products. There might be many different ways that might be followed all around the world, however this is our humble way :) And yours too once you purchase our product from this collection. 

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