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To add value in terms of design aesthetics, functionality and consultancy with sustainability being the core principle of the brand.

We aim to reduce carbon footprint with our designs with constant focus on reusing of existing material to increase its life span, upcycle and reclaim left over materials thereby minimizing wastage of any kind.  

All products are created out of preconsumed textile waste. Our mission is to reduce the waste that gets landfilled or burnt off causing immense harm to the environment. By creating products and services out of left over fabric, we not only help the environment but also minimize the wastage of the material that has been discarded and considerably reduce wastage of the resources like water, oil, toxic chemicals which were utilized to manufacture these in the first place. Since these are preconsumed, we increase their lifespan by translating them into products and services.



Sustainability to us in simple words is something that is long lasting. It is creating a product which has a long life span there by preventing the consumer to  minimize its abandonment which otherwise may end up polluting the environment in some way.

Sustainability to us also means minimizing wastage by upcycling  and recreating out of an existing material there by increasing the life span of the material/product. 

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