One Piece One Design | Customize your own Piece

Artisanns Nest collects all the preconsumed textiles dominantly furnishing samples/ swatches/ booklets and translates those pieces into products. We are not recycling, they are not used but new fabrics which would end up in landfills or burnt off thereby polluting our environment in their respective ways. 

Since these are samples off varied sizes being patched together, there is only one piece per design unless we happen to get two or more booklets/ swatches of the same pattern or design. Hence all our products are one per design which makes it exclusive to you and illustrates the authenticity of the the designer and artisan who worked on it. 


It is possible to customize according to your preference. If you like a product that is already sold out, you can always email us and we will make a similar one for you. It wont be identical but the look and feel would be similar. You may look at some of our customized projects/ products in the customization catalogue

Also, incase you want to do it according to your choice/ size/ pattern/print, let us know and we will design accordingly.  


Email us at if you have any queries and we will get back to you within 48 hours.