Residential, Pamposh Enclave

We were asked to customize furniture for a residential space where our client wanted us to create light, easy to move multipurpose seating for their living area. She wanted something which could have maximum seat count, easy mobility and could be converted into comfortable beds while maintaining the open and airy ambiance of the room. Since it was suppose to be a shared space between a brother and sister, colours had to match both of their personalities. Their living area had a huge glass covering the wall overlooking beautiful lush green patch outside. 

After a lot of alterations we customised a set of two foldable sofa cum beds which can be easily unfolded into comfortable beds. 

We created two pieces of fold-able sofa cum beds which would accommodate two people in one. 

yellow blue sofa cum bed


They measured 1m (width) x 60cm (Depth) x 35 cm (Height) and were created with amalgamation of two types of foam, polyfill of two kinds and washable upholstery fabric. Both the pieces are washable. 

Sewing of polyfill 


We created set of floor cushions to give them company on to the bachelor seating. 

floor cushions


They measure 60cm x 60cm.. They come with inserts and are completely hand washable. 

floor cushions  zipper
The overall palette look was nice and bright with blues, greys and mustard yellow to give a good pop. They were accompanied by different kinds of floor cushions to maximise the seating capacity and at the same time avoided any kind of heavy look. It seems like a camouflage of outdoors with indoors.