Journey So Far

Change is the only constant which holds true in every aspect of life.

It was my childhood dream to have my own business when I grow up. In fact I always considered myself to be an artisan dreaming and creating products. Places like Delhi Haat, handicrafts Emporium, Crafts Exhibitions being my constant dream boards with their charm of prints, handicrafts and craft products making me go weak on my knees every single time I visited these places. I just wanted to have a company of my own and create magic that is inspired by our culture. 

I studied 3D Design from NAFA, Singapore and Spatial Design from UCLAN, Preston UK after my 12th Standard and started working in Aedas, Singapore as an Interior Designer in 2013.

I established my first company in Singapore in September 2015 and commenced my journey by making diaries. Cover to cover, page to page, every aspect of a notebook was done by me. Juggling my full-time job of an interior designer along with manufacturing of diaries and supplying them to the two most popular Lifestyle brands of Singapore left me no time to create or design anything else.

By early 2017, I was supplying to close to 15 stores in Singapore. Demand grew so much that it became impossible for me to continue this way and it was this time I decided to outsource manufacturing. On being relieved of the notebook section, I commenced designing and creating home decor products since my experience in designing 4* & 5* hotels in Aedas had given me knowledge and experience of materials, their characteristic’s and the best way one can utilize them in an interior space. However, once I started working on them, I realized I don’t have readily available tailors, artisans, manufacturers who can help me in sampling, in multiple trials of a product. I am not a person who gives up easily. I bought a sewing machine, learnt how to sew with that super complicated (!) machine and made my first cushion cover. OMG! That was an incredible feeling! Yes, but no! I worked on my sewing machine for a month but the process was very slow and I was slowly beginning to realize that time was nearing when I would have to decide if I want to continue working in a firm or want to make my own brand, my company which has been my dream since forever, which would mean I have to leave Singapore. A place I called home and people I loved dearly. There were no second thoughts.

On 4th August 2017, I packed my bags and moved back to India which is so rich and abundant in resources, crafts, culture and most importantly from the place of my roots.

Human mind is a greedy mind. It just wants to achieve more and more. I opened my Artisanns Nest with myself being an artisan and working on my products myself. However, living in India for close to 8 months now, I am not ready to settle. Dreams have become bigger, vision for the company wider and one main aim is to help the country to grow much more in terms of culture, people and environment. I am not looking at a small nest now, it is going to be bigger with diversity in terms of designing, concepts and aim. My next few blog posts will slowly unfold my vision for the brand. 

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